Employees of our holding - the engineers and lawyers with years of experience are able to realize the most daring technical solutions.






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Information about Ltd. UkrBio.

Ltd. UkrBio is a holding company, which includes assets of enterprises for the production of fuel pellets, solid fuel boilers, air conditioning, ventilation, as well as - raw material drying systems.

When burning wood pellets 1000 kg allocated as much heat as the combustion of:

• 1600 kg timber (eg, wood (oak) will cost you at a price of ± 1 600 UAH. Without shipping)

• 479 m3 (cubic meters. gas), which is equivalent to 3450 UAH.

Gas tariffs, to put it mildly, not happy, and negative characteristics of wood (high humidity (20-50%) and ash content> 2%) do not provide the desired effect.

At that time, our company as pellets will cost you at a price of ± 1 800 UAH (moisture content <7%, ash content <0.8%).

Therefore, we present to your attention pellets (pellets) of its own production of high quality at the best price. Capacity of our company can produce up to 2500 tons / month.

The process of making fuel pellets - pellets, developing solid fuel boilers and other engineering systems of our experts is consistent both with national legislation of Ukraine and international law.

Pellets - excellent environmentally friendly fuel. And if you take into account the fact that the majority of pellets made from sawmill waste, it is further solved the problem of recycling waste.

Solid fuel boilers manufactured by our company under the trade mark "SUN" are ecological and safe solution for heating private houses, villas, shops, offices, or any other object that requires heating.

Besides this, the leading workers of our holding - it engineers and lawyers with years of experience. Our experience allows the air conditioning system, ventilation, and - drying system of raw materials (sawdust, wheat, feed, etc.), hot-air.

A feature of the services provided is to make technical changes to the design and heating systems, ventilation, air conditioning and hot-air drying. Many companies make the standard system without the possibility of adjustment. Specialists UkrBio able to recalculate based on the parameters provided by you and make a bold solution.

According to Ukrainian law, our company is a payer of VAT (20%).

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